Monthly Archives: December 2017

Abstract Colors

Enjoyed this afternoon working on a new series. An experimental exercise using oil paints, mineral oil and glass. The lighting really created nice highlights and contrast for the grooves. The work seemed to naturally produce images that looked like cosmic imagery, bird feathers, canyon walls, and some pollack-esque images. Should be posting them later this week…


NATURE WANTS TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED Torrent is an important piece. Captured with a similar technique to other images, allow the elements to find their own course and let the camera do its thing. The image has many elements to it, beautiful color range, motion, crisp focus, blur, depth and more. The feature piece for the upcoming show at Spectrum Gallery during Art Basel Week is a large art print meant to give the image all the impact it deserves. I […]


Super happy with this print. This is the second image to be presented at the Spectrum Gallery / Art Basel Week event. Fractal  Year 2017 This image is one of my earliest successful experiments with paints, inks and with glass.  Blue, yellow and brown inks and paints were placed in between sections of plate glass, which found their way as the glass plates were pulled apart and pressed together.  Multiple images were captured as the colors and curved lines matured.  […]