Monthly Archives: January 2018

Cosmic Dragon and Lava Flow

These pieces interests me because of the unique views this new technique revealed.  Using a shattered piece of hurricane glass, the curve arcs and contours of the glass changed the way the same acrylic ink appeared.  Under lights and sidelights confuse the eye.   So in one view it resembles a lava flow, in another turn of the glass on the lighted platform a Chinese dragons reveals itself, while others saw an elephant in the same view.    The Cosmic […]

Torrent Red – Blue and Internal Reflections

Spent the last few weeks trying different experiments with power steering fluid, an oil, and windshield wiper fluid, a blue water based liquid.  The ‘bubbles’ that we are seeing are actually blue wiper fluid swirling around within the red hydraulic fluid.   The blue water was at the bottom and the red oil was on top adding to the unusual interface and interactions. The images needed some time to settle down and that led to the Internal Reflections image which […]