Monthly Archives: April 2018

Jim McCormick at Art Expo NY

The Art Expo Show NYC Show opens tomorrow and we will be in Blink ADC’s booth tomorrow afternoon and evening.  The three pieces will be on display from April 19th through April 22. Abstract Photography: Award winning Fractal and two Torrents. All mounted and framed images.

Summer of Love – Abstract Photography

Really finding joy in this abstract photography place.  Had a great session working with plate glass, turpentine, mineral oil, water colored inks (Blue and Yellow).  The behavior of the elements always intrigue me.  The fluidity of the liquids and the fleeting nature of the images fascinate me.  It is like setting up the circumstances to let good things happen and then step back and allow it to unfold.  More images from that session this week and I will be experimenting […]

The Mad Scientist

For those who are curious….The Abstract Photographer My wife Dole took some pictures of me shooting abstract photography in my studio office.  Proof of process … these are not digital generated.   I work with inks, glass, oils  and solvents to create these images. And they all exist in the Macro world for moments in time… then they dissipate.

New Material – Hessonite – From the Abstract Photography Studio

Have been working to add onto the Marakata series.   This new set of Abstract Photography is a series titled Hessonite.  This is a ancient gemstone that is part of a cycle in a necklace described in Sanskrit.   More to come on the meaning.   Each image can be bought as an individual or as part of a larger set showing the progression. .

NYC Spectrum ADC-Blink Show

Looking forward to the Art Expo Show NYC Show on display in Blink ADC’s booth from April 19th through April 22. Three Abstract Photography pieces were accepted: Award winning Fractal and two Torrents. All mounted and framed images.