Monthly Archives: May 2018

Blue and Yellow

Worked with Blue and Yellow ink in a tissue culture Petri dish to create more abstract photography here in Miami.   Curl and the Sunset jumped out reminding me of my days in Los Angeles and sitting on a long board waiting for a wave.   Another three or four images jumped out … The Evolution of Green.  Hope to get these up this week.

Hessonite Series Sold and Pending Delivery

Thrilled to share Hessonite #2, #3, #4 and #5 with a Miami resident.  All four purchased as a set.  The thrill for me is that the buyer sees the progression of drops in an order that I never thought about.  By placing them in reverse order the drops appear to be running uphill to the top right and escaping the olive oil.  Goes to the fundamental theme: “What Do You See?”