Monthly Archives: June 2018

Onishi Project and Gallery

Happy to announce that we have finalized the arrangements and will be showing Vidruman #1, #2, #3 at the in Chelsea NYC from July 23rd through August 3 The Limited Edition Signed Artist Proof set with COA is available for preview here Vidruman is another step in completing the Navaratnam Sanskrit series of jewels. The photos are 16″x 24″ and mounted on 3/8 acrylic with a frameless wall system.

Family, Friends and Colleagues…

We took a step forward to simplify our communication and connection with you, our customers.   We launched an email this morning to all of you whom I have been connected through the years. This will allow simpler updates, access to insider archives of hidden pages with classic photos, and the ability for you to manage your subscription. Please feel free to forward and share to anyone who you feel would enjoy the artwork. As with all launches there may […]

Accepted – Two NYC Chelsea Galleries

We are working though the paperwork, but two NYC Galleries have accepted two Signed Limited Edition Series for display and sale. There is 1 artist proof for each set and the signed limited edition has 15 sets total. Vidruman an exploration in the Sanskrit jewel series that highlights red inks with tension and drama as the inks move through the oil Evolution in Green #1- #4 is an experiment with yellow ink and water in a tissue culture dish.   […]