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As we continue to celebrate the Onishi Project this weekend and develop the brown series for you, I found a classic set from the California beaches. Sunset in Carlsbad. Every photographer knows there is a magic moment when the light quickly changes at sunset and sunrise from prismatic and spectral to monotone and intense. To catch it dancing with your subject is a gift. So while everyone was looking at the sun on the horizon, I looked down and saw […]

Vidruman Technique for Onishi

Today I wanted to share some Abstract Photography technical components. Each photo is captured on my light table with additional floodlights. The target area is typically 2″-3″ across. Antique glass from estate sales have terrific imperfections. This old vase lies at a consistent angle. While many oils were tried olive oil won out for its yellow color. Once settled, inks are precisely dropped in. A representation of each Navaratna gem is underway and a composite experiment would have a rainbow […]

Vidruman Opening night … Tonight!

This morning’s post is a simple reminder of the upcoming show at the Onishi Project in NYC. Vidruman #1, #2 and #3 are on display starting tonight. Each Abstract Photograph measures 20″ x 30″ and is mounted under flawless acrylic with a frameless floating mount to allow the images to be suspended in midair on your wall. I look forward to the opening celebration this Thursday where we can meet each other. Regards, Jim See my entire photo collection at […]

Vidruman #3

We complete the week with the final Abstract Photograph of the series on display at the Onishi show: Vidruman #3. We find our drop has escaped. The jewel leans into and is gaining momentum as it flees. The simplicity in the components create an elegant photo. Oil, inks, glass and air are the four elements used. From there the inert components simply behave and interact naturally. Vidruma is found in Ayurvedic text as a healing jewel and in ancient Hindu […]

Vidruman #2 – Onishi Gallery

Today’s Abstract Photograph, on display next week at the Onishi Gallery, takes us further into the Vidruman Series. This second photo captures the release of the tension as the red ink drops and begins its journey. A close look at the photo finds at least seven hidden refractions of the red ink drop as the light moves through the glass and bends in new directions. The yellow olive oil is in reflecting within the glass in three places. Reference to […]

Vidruman #1 description for Onishi Gallery NYC

Abstract Photograph Vidruman #1 was captured in an antique vase. Olive oil creates the swatch of yellow color that finds its own level. Creatives minds may see the red inks running up to the top right corner while scientists following Newtonian physics see gravity pulling the drops down the slope and escaping to the bottom left. I enjoy the simplicity of the photo and the drama of the drop that has almost released itself from the grip of surface tension. […]

Gallery Announcement – Onishi NYC

Over the next week we will be turning our attention to the gallery show in NYC. The Onishi Project will be debuting three pieces of my Abstract Photography from July 23rd – August 3rd with an opening reception in the evening on July 26th. Feel free to share this note out to family, friends and art community participants. Send a note to and we will send you a pass. I will be there in for several evenings and would […]

Red Series – Signed LE Prints

Had a great time this weekend finalizing the photo print, matting and framing choices. Each 20″x30″ Red Abstract Photograph is visually arresting, can stand alone or as part of a progression of red tones. Your room or gallery will have a clear focal point. These will be in upcoming shows and made available for viewing on request for qualified buyers. Signed Limited Edition Series of 15 including the artist’s proof are available through our website: #abstractart, #abstract, #abstractphotography, #interiordesign, […]

New Art Fair – Naples, FL

We are thrilled to be adding The Art Festival at Mercato in Naples, FL to our calendar.   It will be a great opportunity to introduce my art to a new market in western Florida.   The description can be found here for the event in January of 2019.   More to follow as we get closer…

 Pula – the Tagalog word for Red, closes out this week’s presentation of the Abstract Photography Series Red. Pula ties together the patterns, color ranges and textures we have see in each of the photos. In addition, there is blur from motion in the inks used to create the photo. They swirlled in the Petri dish being pushed by air from a pipette off lens. Signed Limited Edition Series of 15 including the artist’s proof are available through our website. […]