Monthly Archives: August 2018

The Oar 2

Today The Oar series has the gondolier’s tool slicing through the reflection of the buildings, windows, balconies, sky and clouds. The dark shadowed reflections contrast with the blue sky and lighted colorful buildings facing the sun. A metaphor to consider… the oar represents the knife of time slicing through our lives subtly changing our recall of perceptions and experiences. The reflections diverge in the trailing edge of the water just our memories, lives, friendship diverge as time moves silently through […]

Milan Evenings – Navigli Breezes

Milan’s second Abstract Photo of water and air begins as the breeze picks up and the hot day’s air is pushed out by cool evening breezes. The energy in the Navigli canal area picks up its pace as couples and families move about their way to evening dinner. Aromas from meals prepared and served and sound from dinner conversations fill the evening air. Buildings paint the water with their individual colors as the setting sun adds its overtone to the […]

Evening at Navigli Milan

Back from wonderful trip to Italy that deeply anchored me to half my heritage … Scotland is on the horizon. We start with evenings in Milan. The evening breezes create reflections on the Navigli (canal) area. The interaction of air and water allowed the Abstract Photograph to unfold naturally. Ripples on the water are a parallel to our memories which blur with time. The captured moment allows viewers to tie back to your individual trips to the Italy and Milan. […]

Baggi arrives

Wednesday’s Abstract Photograph brings us to Baggi. The blue and white ink blend further inside the glass dish creating softer transitions, more swirls and the appearance of new forms. One can possibly envision waves that are about to wash out, an elderly face appearing on the right or just enjoy the peaceful evocative forms for what they are as a piece of abstract photographic art. The signed LE Series of 15 is available in the white frame shown at 26″ […]

Fragilis comes to life

Fragilis comes to life a few second later in the Abstract Photography sequence. The character in shades of white and blue tones seems to be casting out swirling patterns of energy into the cerulean night. Tomorrow this will evolve into another character … Baggi. The motion is introduced into the photo by gently blowing air through glass pipettes into the inks in a glass dish. The signed LE Series of 15 is available in the white frame shown at 26″ […]

Riftia Blue and White

Let’s get Monday started on a upbeat photo. The bright blue and whites continue. Riftia is another addition to the Abstract Photography artwork. The filaments of white ink reach inside the blue ink to try and meet each other. The white ink in the photo turn suddenly and gently curves in their motion as they try to find each other. The signed LE Series of 15 is available in the white frame shown at 26″ x 36″ printed on photo […]

Tsunami Blue

Good Friday morning everyone. Let’s enjoy a bright blue Abstract Photograph to start our day. Using a glass dish and pipettes, we introduced white inks into the dominant blue background. A wave appeared that builds against an indigo night sky. The photograph is both calming and quietly powerful as the wave begins to crest. Have a great day! The signed LE Series is available in the white frame shown at 26″ x 36″ printed on photo rag paper. Conventional prints […]

Vidruman – Onishi Set

A special thank you to the Onishi staff and leaders for making this easy to display my artwork from across the country. It has been a pleasure working with your organization. The Vidruman Series is on display at the Onishi Project in Chelsea, NYC through the end of this week. At the end the clip for this post is the antique olive oil glass and pipette used for the Abstract Photo shoot. Contact Dannie from Onishi at 212-695-8035 if you […]

Alchemy III

A few moments later, as the sun sinks from our view and races across the Pacific, our abstract photograph evolves. The magic of the alchemy wanes and transitions to the appearance of a star field. The same sun giving us this beautiful end to the day simultaneously offers half of the world a new sunrise. The Abstract Photos are available as 20″x20″ prints. Metallic paper add a depth and luster to the highlights. Add acrylic frameless mounting or a brushed […]