About the Artist

Art is Air for the Mind TM

For decades, photography has been my artistic creative passion.  As I continued to explore new territory, I found abstract macro photography where air, oil, water, glass and motion intersect. There is a quiet peacefulness in this space.   No one else experiences the moment.  Abstract photography asks us to explore, inquire and consider: what was used to create the photo; what is seen in them; how was that photo captured; how should the viewer consider the images; why were the materials chosen and why a particular photographic technique was selected… etc.

Restorative, contemplative, meditative are words that describe the process and the images.   Healing can be found in this art form that opens the mind to new spaces and places.  With each set of experiments, there is learning and a better understanding about how the material behave and how light will bend, reflect or refract in response. The process becomes more precise, reliable and therefore rewarding. That feedback loop makes the photography more compelling and relaxing. It is fascinating to better understand the behavior of light as it moves through changing mediums.  My macro photography is an adventure in understanding how light, oil, water, glass and air collide and disperse. Each picture is a unique fragment of a second that can never occur again.

Curiosity and inspiration find their strongest voice in the abstract. As viewers, we are compelled to become inquisitive and consider: focal planes, motion, color, and the materials … all captured in a fractured moment in time. The most evocative and provocative images are the ones where people have independent impressions inspired from the same print.  Countless people online, at shows, in galleries or those who have bought the printed works find themselves inspired, curious and engaged with a piece of art that prompts them to think, consider and ponder their emotions prompted from what they see. 

As a physician, I am at heart a scientist.  The basis of my photography is a mashup of chemistry, physics and the interplay of many scientific disciplines.  Art is Air for the Mind® reflects the healing nature of my expression. This creative outlet allows me to depart from my complex, busy and intense life to create beautiful artwork that I can share with my audience.  For me, the artwork creates a healthy channel to invite a global audience and individual people into my world to share photography that excites, inspires, and opens the viewer to the question: What do you see? 

This question began early in my career when I departed from conventional photography.  Asking this question when shooting portraits, landscapes, flowers etc. was an empty exercise for me.  It is what it is and what we all see.   Many have inspired me and challenged me to step up the professional nature of my artisan craft.  I wanted to challenge myself to create something new that had a signature style.  

We arrive at a better place as we consider that abstract photography compels us to move beyond our normal experience and life.  That open door brings us diversion, distraction and discovery.  This is where I find my artwork to be joyful.  When someone purchases a photograph and it exceeds their expectations or falls in love with a large format print because of the emotions inspired by the photo, I find myself simply happy that this image will enhance their life.  That ability to move people to a better place cannot be described.  That sustained moment brings me joy.  

I invite you to explore this world with me and consider adding a piece to enhance your life’s experience. 


Jim McCormick, MD