Super happy with this print. This is the second image to be presented at the Spectrum Gallery / Art Basel Week event.


Year 2017

This image is one of my earliest successful experiments with paints, inks and with glass.  Blue, yellow and brown inks and paints were placed in between sections of plate glass, which found their way as the glass plates were pulled apart and pressed together.  Multiple images were captured as the colors and curved lines matured.  The piece fascinates me as the focal plane moves across the image and some areas highlight trapped bubbles that are crisply focused, while other areas show the movement of the liquids flowing in-between the glass and finally some areas are out of the focal plane giving the image a sense of depth from right to left and top to bottom.  The image in its entirety is reminiscent of a Japanese ink and paper art.

Photography Material:

plate glass

acrylic and water based paints

Canon EOS 5D with Tilt shift lens and extension rings

Raw Image developed with Photoshop

artist note: the images are not manipulated using photoshop.  The images are true life content captured through the described artistic process

LED and fluorescent lighting

Production Materials:

Fine Art Metallic paper

Epson Archival Pigment Printer

Acrylic mount Floater Frame

Image size 20” x 30”

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