Murano Glass Panels

The Murano Glass Abstract Photography exploration continues. Colors, textures, inclusions and bending light create unique and compelling photos. Last night, the experimenting involved pastel colored glass shards and back/side lighting with inks added to water in the dish to provide colors rising from the back. Each twist and turn would create new images and focal planes in the camera viewfinder.
Let us know if you would like to commission a set of Murano Glass images that are a collection unique to you. The photographs are printed with archival pigments on metallic photo paper and can be framed on request. Acrylic and aluminum prints are also available. Call today for corporate lease or digital license options to make a collection.
We will be able to offer complimentary tickets to our show at Spectrum during Art Basel week in Miami. We are working closely with ArtBlend to present my work and have 5 walls reserved for our display.
Visit our website to get on our ticket list at

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