The Oar 2

Today The Oar series has the gondolier’s tool slicing through the reflection of the buildings, windows, balconies, sky and clouds. The dark shadowed reflections contrast with the blue sky and lighted colorful buildings facing the sun. A metaphor to consider… the oar represents the knife of time slicing through our lives subtly changing our recall of perceptions and experiences. The reflections diverge in the trailing edge of the water just our memories, lives, friendship diverge as time moves silently through our lives. In both examples, the larger component of the image and stronger elements of connectedness with people we know stay intact. The details in the reflections and our daily lives change, shift and adjust. Tomorrow the reflection attempts to reassemble.

Observation: The parallel mazes of streets and water with bridges twisting 90 degrees midspan and alleys that turn back to themselves invoke a living M. C. Escher sketch. Fiona Giusto would be the first living person I know to walk those drawings skillfully.

Venice Evenings – The Oar 2 is available as a print on photo rag paper and can be framed. Prints can be customized to meet your home, apartment or office wall.

Jim McCormick
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