Torrent Red – Blue and Internal Reflections

Spent the last few weeks trying different experiments with power steering fluid, an oil, and windshield wiper fluid, a blue water based liquid.  The ‘bubbles’ that we are seeing are actually blue wiper fluid swirling around within the red hydraulic fluid.   The blue water was at the bottom and the red oil was on top adding to the unusual interface and interactions.

The images needed some time to settle down and that led to the Internal Reflections image which was cropped to focus our eyes on the line immediately above and below where the two liquids meet.  The rolling hills appearance of the background blue is additional bubbles making their way to the surface.

There is no air in these images, it is purely the two liquids playing against the glass and their individual atomic forces. The images were captured using a 100 macro lens or a tilt shift lens and extension rings.  Lighting varied depending on the test shoot.



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